6 Dogs… 6 Obedience Trial Championships! The record continues…

Ruby – OTCH Renegade’s Blackeyed Pea UD AX AXJ (dob 11-22-2013)

Ruby joined us in January of 2014; she is Nell’s niece and inherited her versatility. She’s earned JAMs at Qualifying stakes and is working on her MACH. We started in obedience in January 2017, earning a 200 on her 2nd Novice leg. The CDX came in 3 trials in June, with 3 HITs. Ruby earned her UD in September and immediately started picking up OTCH points, enough to get invited to both Westminster and the NOC. In January 2018 (at the same trial where she earned her first CD leg) she earned her OTCH! In February 2018 she placed 2nd at the Westminster Kennel Club! I’m looking forward to lots of great adventures with Ruby-dooo!

Grace – OTCH Storm’s Little Black Dress UD MH QA2 (dob: 12-30-2009)

Grace was sent to me in 2010 to teach me patience! She continues to teach me many things about arousal and impulse control! Grace is an amazing field dog, earning Derby JAMs (Judges Award of Merit) and becoming Qualified All Age at just 3 years old (at her 3rd Qualifying stake). Agility wasn’t a good fit for Grace’s high arousal and the confines of a 40‘x50’ obedience were a challenge. She earned her OTCH in May 2016 – and her retirement from obedience! We’re hoping to start tracking as Grace definitely needs some kind of job!

Nell -OTCH MACH Gemstone’s Black Dazzle UDX MH QAA (dob: 10-20-2004)

Nell arrived in 2004 and took no time to become a part of our family. No matter what the venue – obedience, agility, hunt tests or field trials – Nell was ready and willing to participate. Nell gave me 2 big “firsts” – she is my first dog to earn a MACH and is also my first dog to win a Qualifying stake at a field trial, earning the distinction of being “Qualified All Age” (or QAA). She is amazingly versatile – once, in a 10 day period, Nell earned a MH leg, got a double Q in agility, and won HIT at a large obedience trial. Now that’s an “all-around dog”! Nell is 13 now and has earned her retirement – she plays a little golf, has lunch with the girls – it’s a dog’s life!

Gone but not forgotten and forever loved…

Liz – OTCH Gunning Island’s Black Dragon UDX MH

Liz arrived in May 2000 and immediately worked her way into our home and into my heart. She earned her OTCh in 9 shows, just 7½ months after earning her CD. Lizzie had her Master Hunter and her OA and OAJ agility titles and briefly introduced me to the sport of tracking. She turned out to be one of my greatest teachers as we had quite a rollercoaster ride when she was competing. I owe Liz a tremendous amount as she taught me so much about looking at life from my dog’s point of view. I lost Liz suddenly in 2012 and am still adjusting to life without her smiling face.

Gemma – Am/Can OTCH Plymrock’s Black Diamond UDX AX AXJ MH

In 2010 I kissed a final goodbye to my 16 year old Lab, Gemma. She was my soulmate and my genius – a complex mix of soft, spooky, and submissive as well as pushy, controlling and opinionated! She took up my education where Murphy left off and taught me new ways to look at the world. In addition to obedience, she was my first Master Hunter and my first agility dog, earning her AX and AXJ. Gemma took me on an amazing adventure and I will always cherish the memories of our journey together.

Murphy – Am/Can OTCH Kresland’s Good Time Murphy UDX JH

I had always wanted a Labrador Retriever, and in the fall of 1990 I responded to an ad in the paper and brought home Murphy. We soon began obedience classes at a local training school. Sweet, mellow Murphy could not understand why I was popping him on the leash all the time and he would shut down during training. This was not the kind of relationship and communication I was hoping for, but I didn’t know any better, and we continued taking classes and learned about obedience trials. Murphy earned his Am/Can CD lagging behind me the whole way, with his head and tail down; as you can imagine, this was no fun for either of us! I started looking for a better way and found one by searching out skilled trainers, attending seminars, reading books, watching videos – doing whatever I could to learn! Together we backed up, retrained, re-evaluated, and retrained again over the next 6 years. Murphy taught me so much about training, competition, and the value of persistence on our journey from scoring 175 in Novice A to the incredible high of earning his OTCH in 1996. I said goodbye to Murphy in June 2006 and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him and smile.